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That slots, lotto and scratch cards and now also online games, are traditionally a source of revenue for the Italian Treasury, is no mystery. Punctually, when the cash requirements of the Italian State require it, the PREU (the state’s share of every bet) automatic touch-up is triggered and now the same policy is also applied to online gaming. Under these conditions, it is obviously almost always the bank that wins, while the Italian government, with the Budget Law and the related fiscal decree for 2020, returns to use the public game as an ATM to make cash (in the face of all the hypocritical proclamations in favor of the fight against ludopathy).

It was obvious that many gambling enthusiasts put in place strategies to neutralize the greed of the “Beast”.

The first trick to be able to attend and play on websites outside the nefarious influence of ADM (ex AAMS) is to always use a VPN to protect your anonymous browsing and move safely on the web.

[see article; Clike being invisible on the web (to tyrants and the greed of politicians)].

how to be invisible on the web (to the tyrants and greed of politicians)

This alone is not enough, in a state of police and fiscal repression that increasingly resembles the GDR (ex Communist East Germany that had nothing democratic).

And it is very easy if not automatic for those who have control over the computer, banks and national and European financial databases to trace every single electronic transaction (even of a single cent).

When you make your sports bets and/or games on the sites of non AAMS operators, the time will come to choose the method of payment / withdrawal. In fact, you will have to choose how you replenish your gaming account and/or withdraw your winnings, there are several options available to you, they are not all the same, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

One option is to use payment systems not belonging to banking institutions (not traceable to a personal iban), then we show some of the possible solutions for deposit and withdrawal of currency on online casinos and sports betting sites that seem to us more effective to operate online, we talk about e-wallets such as the e-wallet wirex..

(non ADM links are not accessible without proper VPN) see article .

So far the traditional – and most used – solutions for online betting in anonymity and on “non-ADM” sites.

But the new frontier of privacy is represented by cryptocurrency, which came to the fore at the end of 2017, when the bitcoin reached the incredible exchange rate of 1 to 20,000 dollars. Throughout 2018, the market went down and the bitcoin dropped to pre-2017 levels, i.e. under 4,000 dollars, to reach at the beginning of 2020 (January 12) over 8,000 dollars.
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Bitcoin play anonymously on the Betmaster online betting platform – no AAMS / ADM – (without fees).


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